About Us

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Our mission is to continue the conversation of climate change and inspire our communities to make an impact. We support reforestation efforts in many countries all over the earth.

With your help, we will work as a team to provide the planet a sustainable future with cleaner and cooler air. Planting trees is a one-time investment, for a lifetime of returns!


With the help of our partners we can hit milestone achievements of successfully planting trees all over the world. Every purchase helps the environment and the mission to restore terrestrial wildlife.  

Our company is based in the U.S with communities from all around the world. Since we all live and breathe the same air while sharing this amazing planet. We are always looking to expand our community so we invite you to join us in our quest.

Raising awareness to the problems of global warming and providing solutions for planting trees will be an essential key to a healthy and long lasting planet. 


Our core values are “protect nature at all cost", overcome the environmental challenges ahead of us, and build a “think outside the hedge” community.

We aim to build a growing community that can help give back to nature for all that it has given us. With your help, we will be able to accelerate the mission of restoring trees all around the world, significantly reduce the carbon footprint, and create a sustainable environment for everyone and their children to enjoy. 

The more that we are one with nature, the more that we will be able to grow and prosper in unity.

Why Trees?🌳

Trees are one of the best multipurpose tools in the world, to all life on earth. They’re the earth’s organic water filtration system, the earth’s lungs of air, and the earth’s umbrella of shade.

Without them, everyone wouldn’t be able to drink fresh water, breathe clean air, and stay cool. They’re home to over 79% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

It is a one time investment, for a life-time of returns. They’re the path to a growing and prosperous life. Express your appreciation and love to mother nature’s greatest asset by planting a tree today!

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One Home 🏡

With so much opportunity and resources that nature provides us, it is truly a blessing to be living in this gracious home that we call Earth. Besides using eco-friendly recycled materials to support our mission, we aim to bring together communities from all around the world, for we are all part of one race, the human race.

Join Us

If you would like to spread awareness of our movement, support our endeavour, or simply enjoy nature and all of its beauty, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are always looking to inspire enthusiastic and noble people to spread the message of positivity and save the planet.